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Hot Sand Solo (March 2022)

by 4w1h
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"Does the design suit your life?" 4w1h, excluding Where (kitchen) from 5w1h. This kitchen tool has been re-edited from the keywords "in the first place," "when," "who," "what," and "how." 4w1h was created by a collaboration team of creators and manufacturers called "Tsubamesanjo Kitchen Research Institute". Considering that various perspectives are indispensable, metalworking makers, brand producers, product designers, graphic designers, and copy writers who have been involved in manufacturing for many years at Tsubamesanjo review kitchen tools from their respective perspectives, and are new while repeating dialogues and trial production. We are promoting manufacturing.



"Just right, breakfast" A new hot sandwich maker made from a piece of bread that was born with the "amount," "form," and "meal time" that are perfect for breakfast. Bake to a crispy edge with firm pressure. The tightly closed edges prevent the ingredients from spilling and are quick and easy to eat. Even the finest parts such as the two-tone color to prevent mistakes in return are considered.



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[ Size ]
Approx. 140 x 275 x height 40 mm
[ Weight ]
Approx. 450g
[ Material ]
Body: Aluminum alloy (surface fluororesin processing)
Handle: Phenol resin
Metal fittings: Stainless steel
Rivet: Copper)
[ Color ]
Black x Silver (main body)
[ Other ]
IH compatible