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Compact Fryer

by 4w1h


"Does the design suit your life?" 4w1h, excluding Where (kitchen) from 5w1h. This kitchen tool has been re-edited from the keywords "in the first place," "when," "who," "what," and "how." 4w1h was created by a collaboration team of creators and manufacturers called "Tsubamesanjo Kitchen Research Institute". Considering that various perspectives are indispensable, metalworking makers, brand producers, product designers, graphic designers, and copy writers who have been involved in manufacturing for many years at Tsubamesanjo review kitchen tools from their respective perspectives, and are new while repeating dialogues and trial production. We are promoting manufacturing.



"I want to fry compactly" A small, square, compact flyer that was born to make it easy to "fry", which requires spirit and determination. You can easily use it without using extra oil when you want to quickly fry a small amount such as a lunch box for two people, or when you want to fry a long item such as fried shrimp or deep-fried skewers. It doesn't take up much space after use, so you can leave it as an oil pot in one corner of the stove.



[ Size ]
Approx. 240 x 130 x 100 mm (height) (depth: 80 mm)
[ Weight ]
Approx. 615g (pot only) / Approx. 1,060g (including body, lid, eye plate, and amis)
[ Material ]
Main body: iron (fluorine resin coating on the surface)
Lid, eye plate: stainless steel
Lid knob: phenol resin
Amis: iron (chrome plating)
[ Color ]
Black (main body)
[ Other ]
IH compatible
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