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We have realized the tools designed to brew coffee deliciously with the metal processing technology of the Tsubame Sanjo area. The more you continue to use the tools, the more you will love them, and there are items that you want to use from those who want to be a little concerned to professionals.



The wire structure prevents the accumulation of gas, which is a miscellaneous taste of coffee. It is a size that can be brewed directly on a mug as well as a coffee server. Please enjoy the simple and beautiful design because it is all stainless steel.



[ Size ]
W15cm x caliber 10.8cm x H8.8cm
[ Capacity ]
1 to 4 cups
[ Material ]
18-8 stainless steel
Sold out
Original price ¥2,420 - Original price ¥2,420
Original price
¥2,420 - ¥2,420
Current price ¥2,420