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Drip pot ITTEKI


We have realized the tools designed to brew coffee deliciously with the metal processing technology of the Tsubame Sanjo area. The more you continue to use the tools, the more you will love them, and there are items that you want to use from those who want to be a little concerned to professionals.



In addition to the ultra-fine (4.5 mm) spout, it is also possible to pour one drop at a time depending on the calculated angle of the handle. The taste of coffee changes depending on the speed of drip, the amount of hot water, and the temperature. Find your favorite drip.



[ Size ]
W28cm × Bottom diameter 14cm × H16cm
[ Capacity ]
[ Weight ]
[ Material ]
stainless steel
[ correspondence ]
Direct fire/IH
Original price ¥5,500 - Original price ¥5,500
Original price
¥5,500 - ¥5,500
Current price ¥5,500