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Pants hanger


In 1973, Shimomura Kogyo, a manufacturer in Sanjo City, which has been founded as a Sanjo blade smith for over 140 years, established a production center wholesaler, Shimomura Kohan, in Tsubame City with the aim of building a closer relationship with customers. Since its founding, as a wholesaler who knows about manufacturing, we have planned and manufactured various products that utilize the strengths of the local Tsubamesanjo, one of Japan's leading hardware producing areas, in response to the needs of various customers that change with the times. Utilizing the accumulated know-how, we announced our own brand "Housework wholesaler" at the beginning of 2015. I never grow tall, and the housework tools that I have adapted to the present are full of various ingenuity that is "ordinary and easy to use", and I just want to have them all.



Pants and jeans can be dried quickly and three-dimensionally, and it is well-ventilated and easy to dry. Hook the buttonhole to prevent it from falling.



[ Size ]
W26 x D11.5 x H19cm Effective length of hanging part 22cm
[ Weight ]
[ Material ]
18-8 stainless steel
[ Color ]
Original price ¥1,870 - Original price ¥1,870
Original price
¥1,870 - ¥1,870
Current price ¥1,870