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【POP UP】家事問屋

【POP UP】Kajidonya


–  Please tell me your recommendation –

"It's commonplace, but it's easy to use."
The tools of a housework wholesaler born in Tsubamesanjo.
With the announcement of new products in October 2021, the number of items has reached more than 150.

This time, along with the announcement of the new product, we are soliciting the voices of everyone who uses the items of the housework wholesaler under the title "Please tell us your recommendation".
I think that there are various memories of tools and life because they are tools for housework that are used every day.
"I enjoyed cooking, which was a bit unpleasant."
"This size is just right."
When I stand at the store, I get a lot of voices.
I would appreciate it if you could take this opportunity to hear the voices of everyone who comes out naturally.


"I would like you to find a partner who is active in your household chores from the real voices of the people who usually use it." This event is held with such a feeling.
The voice of "Recommended" will be posted on the website of the housework wholesaler at the time of the event.

We are preparing gifts from housework wholesalers for 20 of the customers who taught us "recommended" this time. Please take this opportunity to send us your voice.


Recommended application method

Please fill in the following information at the FACTORY FRONT store, contact form, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook direct message and apply.

① Recommended products
② Reasons and episodes
③ Pen name (name at the time of publication)
④ Name (full name)
⑤ Address
⑥ Phone number

* Application period: November 21, 2021 (Sun) 23:59 & nbsp;
* The prize will be changed by shipping.
* Personal information will not be used for anything other than sending gifts.

Inquiry form:

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