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【POP UP】Atsuke

【POP UP】Atsuke

Atsuke was born last year at Tsubame Sanjo. It makes a suggestion jewelry as an art piece.

My creation is based on the “Kougei”.And takes advantage of the original shapes of materials and the design is came up with creation. I hope to reach someone my thoughts that attractive for materials,and respect for “Kougei”.

“Atsuke” derived from accent from Niigata prefecture of Japan.It means “send” or “give”,in Japanese “atsukeru”.One day, my grandmother sent me a treasure for her.So I wanna send someone my special works as well.


Designer:Hazuki Watanabe

Born in 1991 at Tsubamesanjo of Niigata prefecture of Japan.
Graduated from Nagaoka institute of design university in 2014.
Completed master’s degree in Tokyo Universtiy of the arts in 2018.
Started own jewelry brand “Atsuke” in 2020.
Working as a designer of up cycle jewelry brand “sära” and up cycle product brand “Smith” right now.

Hazuki Watanabe is a jewelry designer born here and having roots in this area.

Her work has arrived at the FACTORY FRONT store. Please enjoy the expression of free metal created by facing metal.


● Inquiries
Phone number: 0256-46-8720
Reception hours: 10: 00-18: 00

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