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Another outer skin is made by piercing a driftwood with a pin, connecting the vertices with a line, and covering the whole with a surface. I would like you to pay attention to the other beauty that is created when you make another outer skin to the natural beauty of driftwood.

Notice the overwhelming presence of natural objects and the delicate artificial skin created by hand.

It can be placed in various ways depending on the surface, and it shows various expressions depending on the viewing angle.

* Because it is a delicate work, do not touch the pins or threads, but touch the driftwood part to move it.Please note that it is one item before purchasing.



<Studio note / Norihiko Terayama>
Norihiko Terayama, a designer and artist who develops poetic and narrative works while going back and forth between the worlds of design, art and architecture.
After studying design in Japan, studied abroad at Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Experienced Dutch conceptual design while attending school and trained at Studio Richard Hutten, MVRDV.
After returning to Japan, he launched studio note, focusing on products, Claska 701 interior design and store artwork,
2121DESIGN SIGHT (Design Ah! Exhibition, Rice Exhibition, Unit Exhibition, Miscellaneous Goods Exhibition)



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Driftwood, Needles, Threads
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